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„Imagine Dragons“ turas „Smoke + Mirrors“ 2016-01-31, 19:00 val. Siemens arena, Vilnius


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Vinyl Records Repair - Grooves Reconstruction - Ultimate solution for scratched records

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Entry description:

Contrary to popular belief, this explains how it IS possible to repair damaged/scratched vinyl records. I developed this method many years ago. To do this it's necessary to have a powerful magnification tool (my father had this kind of microscope, and can't say where to find one, but probably a jewelry magnifier works fine too), then a stick with a medium sized sewing needle firmly attached to it, two towels, a $3 USB gooseneck spotlight, lots of free time and firm hand.This consists in removing obstructions from the grooves, caused by scratches or other matter stuck in it, and somehow re-carve the groove walls. Sometimes the result is near-to-miracle, other times may reduce a scratch from a skip to a pop, or a violent pop/crackle to a subtle glitch. But sometime may not work at all, it depends on how deep and tangential the scratch is, or how deeply debris particles were stuck.Got a valuable record scratched? You can always buy a new copy... or this is your last chance: I ensure you it works, if done properly and carefully, you may save some bucks. I repeat: it may not be 100% effective, it requires lots of time, trial&error, patience and accuracy.LPs are more difficult to repair than 12'' singles, because grooves are lots thinner thus more sensibles to scratches and debris. It takes lot more accuracy and time to repair, but it works the same.WARNING: this is a destructive method. Yes, you ARE destroying the grooves, but the intervention is done only on a tiny section where the grooves ALREADY are destroyed, so hardly you can do worse. However, do this at your discretion, at last resort. Also this should be done after a proper cleaning/washing, makes easier to find the exact spots that are leading to skips or crackles.NOTE: I'm not selling any service or whatever, this is an "how to", completely free knowledge. Be free to comment and share.And screw that, YT intercepted the background music, ok ok, third party content, correct, aknowledged... I was going to give credits anyway... First is Indian Ropeman's "Mission to the Moog Part 2", the second is "怀 (Huai)" by FM3. All rights to respective owners, used under "fair use" term.

Video runtime: 00:08:35
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