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„Imagine Dragons“ turas „Smoke + Mirrors“ 2016-01-31, 19:00 val. Siemens arena, Vilnius


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Clean Bandit - Dust Clears (2013)

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Entry description:

'Dust Clears EP' available on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/DustClearsIncluding remixes from Thom alt-J, Russ Chimes and Jack Savidge (Friendly Fires) and one exclusive Clean Bandit track."We created and filmed the video ourselves completely and had an amazing time shooting it on a frozen lake in Sweden. Two of Jack's friends from film school who helped us make the Mozart's House video came to Sweden to help with this one too: Anna Patarakina and Daria Novitskaya. Big thank you to them and Nick Martin, the skater featured in the video."Facebook: www.facebook.com/cleanbanditTwitter: www.twitter.com/cleanbanditSoundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/cleanbanditInstagram: http://instagram.com/cleanbanditSign up for Clean Bandit mailing list here: www.cleanbandit.comFilmed, Directed and Produced by Clean Bandit Additional Cinematography by Anna Patarakina, Darya Novitckaya & Ben Millar Cole.Featuring Clean Bandit and Nick Martin (skater). Production assistants: John Savelid and Sarah Tognazzi.Colour grading by Matt Osborne at MPC.Ice-skateboard made by Henry Stringer.Dust Clears written by Clean Bandit and James Napier Produced by Jack PattersonMusicians: Jack Patterson (vocals, piano, bass guitar) Noonie Bao (vocals), James Napier (additional vocals), Grace Chatto (Cello), Neil Amin-Smith (violin), Beatrice Philips (violin), Matt Maguire (viola).Lyrics:Imagine if the life that you thought you sharedWasn't really there.It was made up in your mind,Could be anyone/anywhere,'Cause you'd been living in a world of your own design, undermined,In another place other space in time.As the dust clears and it all starts to disappear,It may get harder 'cause you just restarted.And wherever you are, land on another star!It may get harder 'cause you just restarted.You better get real, real, real andRealise that the situation's going nowhere.Because you act so tough I've totally lost control.So please try to understand that if I couldI'd call and I would be there.And if it didn't hurt so much you know I'd give you it all.Imagine if the hope that you thought you knewWasn't really true!It just existed in your head.The reflection used wasn't you,Completely unaware could be anywhere/anytime,'Cause there was shift in the paradigm.As the dust clears and it all starts to disappear,It may get harder 'cause you just restarted.And wherever you are, land on another star!It may get harder 'cause you just restarted.

Video runtime: 00:04:50
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