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Forumas » TURGELIS » Parduodu/keičiu vinilines plokšteles » 12 coliu singlai (papildymas 05.07)
12 coliu singlai
FrancasData: Pirmadienis, 2020-05-04, 15:29:34 | Pranešimas # 1
Plokštelių larioko vedėjas
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 2130
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
COELO TOTO -I eat cannibals Ex -4 eu
MARILYN You don't love me(dance mix)/Raining again -Ex 4eu
MARILYN -Calling you name/Move together -Ex 4 eu
MARILYN -Cry and be Free(gospel)(Streisand Style (DJ copy) -Ex 4 eu
MARILYN - Cry and be Free(gospel)(Streisand Style  Ex 4 eu
Blondie ‎– Atomic/Die Young Stay Pretty/Heroes -Vg+ 9 eu
BLUE SYSTEM -Under my skin Vg+ 6 eu
BLUE SYSTEM -My bed is too big Ex -12 eu
BAD BOYS BLUE You are A Women(long ver./instrumental)EX -15 eu
Depeche Mode - A Question of Time(Extended remix)/Black Celebration/Something to do/Stripped -NM -20eu

Shakatak -Dark is the night(Extended ver.)/I Lose myself(re-mix) -Ex 4eu
Tracie -Souls on fire/You must be Kidding -Nm 4 eu
Ridgway Stan -The Big Heat(remix)/Foggy River/PickIt Up -NM -5 eu
BLUE SYSTEM -Silent water/Body heat -VG -5 eu
HARIS ALLAN -You bring out the best in me(club mix) -NM 4 eu (Italo disco)
COSTELLO ELVIS -The other side of summer/Couldn't call it unexpected no.4/The Ugly Things -NM 5 eu
Saragosa Band -Ginger Red/Edens Door -Ex -3 eu
MARX RICHARD -To lete to say goodbaye/Satisfield/Endless summer nights -Ex 4eu
Cash Andrew -Boomtown/Times Talking'trouble now/Smile me down -Ex 3 eu
ROSS DIANA -Chain reaction(special dance remix/More and more -Ex 3 eu
BROWN JAMES -Living in America(R'n'B Extended mix)/Farewell -Vg+ 6 eu
Midge Ure -Call of the wild(extended mix)/When the winds blow/After the fashion -Ex 6 eu
WHAM! -I'm your man/Do it right -NM 5 eu
WHAM!- Battlestations/Where did your heart go?/The Edge of heaven/Wham!Rap 86 -NM 7 eu
Pretenders -Hymn to Her/Room full of mirrors(Extended ver.) NM -3 eu
DUVAL FRANK Somrthing is crying/Return to space -Ex -3 eu
NORMAN CHRIS -Midnight Lady/Woman -NM -5 eu
MOORE GARYFriday on my mind/rach for the sky-Ex -3 eu
HAMMER JAN -Miami vice theme -MN 5 eu

Zucchero & Paul Young - Senza una donna/Mama/Dunes of mercy -NM -5 eu
The Flying Pickets -Only you/Disco down/Summer time/Get Off My Cloud -Ex -5 eu
Glitter Gary -Dance me up(extended mix)/All that Glitters(medley by Gary Glitter) =Ex 5 eu
Michael George -A differnt Corner -NM -8 eu
NENA - Feuer und Flamme/Ibiza/Woman on fire -Vg+ -5 eu
Art of Noise -Paranoimia/Why me?/A nation rejects -Vg+ -5 eu
Williams Deniece -Let's Hear it for the boy -Ex -3 eu
Palmer Robert & UB 40 -I'll be you baby tonight/Deep end -Vg -3 eu
Nu shooz - I can't wait/Make your mind up -Vg -3 eu
OH WELL - Oh Well(remix)/Rio De Janeiro -Nm -5 eu
Earth Wind & Fire -Touch the world/You and I/Fantasy -Vg+ -5 eu
Daddy Cool -Al Capone"84"/Take "One" -Ex -5 eu
Spandau Ballet -Instinction/Chant no.1/Gently -Nm -5eu
Spandau Ballet -Only when you leave(extended mix)/Paint me down -Ex -6 eu
A-HA -I've Been Losing you(extended mix)(dub mix)/This Alone is love -NM -6 eu
Duran Duran -the wild boys(extended mix)/Cracks in the pavement -Vg+ 4 eu
Go West - Call me/(Original)(Indiscriminate mix)/The Man in Mirror -Ex -5 eu
Go West - We close on eyes(total overhang mix)/Missing Persons- Nm -4 eu
Anders Thomas (Ex Modern Talking)-Love of my own/True Love -Ex -5 eu
Grand David -Watching you watching me/In the flow of love -Ex -2 eu
Papsi & Shirlie -Heartache/Surrender -Nm -4 eu
Lone Justice -Sweet, sweet baby/Go way little boy/Pass it on -Nm -4 eu
Crawford Randy -Almaz/Desire(Remix0 -Ex -4 eu
Mike & The Mechanics -The Living years/Too many friends/I get the Feeling -Ex-5 eu
Woodentops. The -Plenty/Have you seen the Lights/Everybody -Nm -5 eu
BOWIE DAVID -Lets Dance/Cat People -NM -10 eu
Central Line -Nature Boy/You ve said enough -Ex 4 eu
Kroger Hannes -Der Blonde Hans/17 mann -Ex -5 eu
Palmer Robert -Change his ways(Wed 9PM mix)(Rock mix)/More  than ever -NM 5 eu
SCHILLING Peter -Ich Vermisse dich/Fur Immer Jung -NM -3 eu
MADONNA - In to the groove/Everybody/Shoo be doo -NM 5 eu
MADONNA -Gambler(extended dance mix)/Nature of the beach -Ex -3 eu
MINOQUE KYLIE-Wouldn't change a thing/It's no secret -Ex -3 eu
NUMAN GARY -Are Friends Electric?/Berserker/Cars/We are glass -Ex Blue vinyl -8 eu
NUMAN GARY - She's got Claws/I sing rain/Exhibition -Ex -6 eu
Limahl -Love in your eyes(extended ver, 7 ver)Love will tear the soul -Nm 5 eu
Marton Sandy -White storm in the jungle(dance ver.,suite) -Nm -5eu (Italo disco)
FALCO - Emotional/Ther side of the story -Ex -6eu
REGINA -Baby love(orig, dub ver.)-NM -5eu (italo disco)
BOBBY "O"(Bobby Orlando) -I cry for you -Vg+ -3 eu
CATCH.THE - 25 years(Special disco version)/Voises -Ex -7 eu
TENAX feat. F.B.Machjne -You've got to Fight(original, european, happychild, acappella mix) -Ex 5 eu
FRANKLIN ARETHA & GEORGE MICHAEl -I knew you were waiting(for me)(Extended, Percappella, Edited remix) -NM -5eu
POISON -Swampjuice/unskinny/valley of lost souls/poor boy blues -Ex -5eu
QUIREBOYS -Hey you/Sex party (plakatas) -ex -5eu

Ultravox - Viena/passionate reply/herr x -Ex -6 eu
Cretu -Samurai/Sword of Fear -NM - 10 eu
Depeche Mode - A Question of Time(Extended remix)/Black Celebration/Something to do/Stripped -VG -10eu
Estefan Gloria -Don't wanna lose you/Words get in the way/Say/Si voy pederte -Ex -3 eu
Franklin Aretha -Another Night (Extended, Radio, Dub mix) -Ex -5 eu
Donovan Jason -When you come back to me(Extended, no probs mix) -Ex-4 eu
Mills Stephanie -Bit by Bit(theme from "Fletch") -Nm -4 eu
Heaven 17 -Sunset now/Flamedown/Counterforce - Ex -5 eu
Bolland & Bolland -Tears of Ice -Ex -3 eu
Haysi Fantayzee -Shiny shiny/Holy Joe -Vg -5 eu
Casanova Barney -Automatically yours -NM -4 eu (Italo Disco)
Jackson Michael - I want you back (12 inch, original, dub mix) -Ex -5 eu
Young Paul -Everything must change(special extended remix)/Give me my freedom -Ex 5 eu
Limahl -Tar Beach(city blues mix)/The greenhouse effect -VG+ 5 eu
Fisher Climie -Love Like A River(dance mix)/Love changes everything(Extended mix) -Vg+ -4 eu
Gabriel Peter -Sledgehammer(Limited edition dance mix)/Don't break this rhythm/Biko(extended ver.)/Ihave the touch(85 remix) -VG -6eu
May Brian (ex QUEEN) -Driven by You/Just one life -Vg+ 7eu
Fairground Attraction -Perfect/Falling Backwards/Mythology/Mystery train -Maxi single Ex -5 eu
Oldfield Mike with John Anderson -Shine(Extended ver.)/The Path -NM -6 eu
Duval Frank -Lovers will survile/Sound 2 -Nm 4 eu
5 Star -R.S.V.p./love games/say goodbyje -Ex -3 eu
Chicago -You're the inspiration/Love me tomorrow/once in a lifetime -Ex 4 eu
Level 42 -Lessons in love(extended ver.)/world machine/hot water -Nm 6 eu
Level 42 -Something about you(sisa mix)/Coup Détat -Nm -4 eu
Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades(extended ver.)/With the pride/Through the Barricades(album ver.)-NM 4 eu
Kamen Nick -Each time you break my heart(dance mix) -Nm 6 eu
Hines Marcia -Signed, sealed, delivered(i;m yours)/You/I've got the music in me -Ex -5 eu
YES -Leave It (hello, goodbye mix) -Ex 4eu
RED BOX -Lean on me/Stinging bee-VG -4 eu
Jellybean -Jingo(uk house mix, le casa de juego mix, 26 th street mix) -Ex -5 eu
Moyet Alison (Ex.YAZZO) -For you only(extended new ver.)/Twisting the knife -Nm -6 eu
Jones Alfonz -Ain't no sunshine when she's gone(club mix, radio mix, deaf pea chill mix) -NM -5 eu
Hollywood beyond -What's the colour of money? -ex -4 eu
Yazz -Stand up for your love rights -Vg, red vinyl -4 eu
Club Nouveau -Why you trat me so bad(club mix, radio edit, ultimate mix, lp ver.) -Ex -4 eu

Spear Of Destiny ‎– Never Take Me Alive/The Man That Never Was/Land Of Shame/Jack Straw -2lp, Ex 9eu
Gloria Estefan and MiamiSound Machine -123(extended)/Surrender(remix) - NM 6 eu
T'Pau -China in your Hand/No sense of Pride -Nm 5 eu
JP Cara -Deux Femmes en Elle/Dos Mujeres A la Vez -Nm -2 eu
Den Harrow -Tell Me Why/Day by Day -NM 7 eu
Bananarama - Love, truth & honesty(dance hall ver.)/Strike it rich(full lenght club mix) Ex -5 eu
Rainbirds -Blueprint/It;s All Right/I could be you -Ex -4 eu
Jennifer Rush -The power of love/Come Give Me your hand/I see A shadow -NM -5 eu
Jennifer Rush -If You re ever gonna lose my love/Silent killer/Testify with my heart -Ex -4 eu
Tina Terner -We don't need Another Hero -Vg -3 eu
Madonna -Papa don't preach -Vg -3 eu
Trio Rio -New Your -Rio - Tokyo(dance mix)-Vg+ -4 eu
CRETU+THIERS -School's out(extended)/Collage(instr.) -Ex -5 eu
Bruce Springsteen -Dancing in the dark/Pink Cadillac -Ex -5 eu
Adeva -Warning!(the High on Hope mix)/Respect(original 12 mix) -NM -5 eu
The SOS BAND -Tell me if You Still Cage/If You wnat my Love -NM -5 eu
Fat Boys -Whipeout(wave I Version)/Crushin(Marley mari Mix) -NM -5 eu
The Alan Parsons Project -Lets Talk About Me(extended)/Hawkeye/Pipeline -Ex -5 eu
SLADE -My oh my/Keep Your Hands off my power supply/Don't tame a hurricane -Ex -9 eu
Ocean Billy -When the going gets tough, the tough get going(Extended ver, 7 vers.Instrument.ver.) -Vg+ 5 eu
Ocean Billy -Loverboy (orign. & Dub Mix) -Nm -5 eu
White Karyn -Superwoman, The way you love me -Ex-4 eu
Dayne Taylor -Don't rush me(extended)(dub)(Bonus beat)/In the darknes -Ex -4 eu
Minogue Kylie -Word is out/Say the world-Ill be there -Nm -5 eu
La Belle, Patti -On my Own/Stir it up -Ex -4 eu
Desireless -Voyage(Extended)(original) -NM 16 eu
Meat Loaf -Rock 'n'roll mercenaries(exploded ver.)(dub ver.) -Nm -6 eu
Turner Tina -We don't need another Hero(mad max) -Ex -6 eu

Shamen -make it mine/Something Wonderful -NM -6 eu
Fatboy Slim ‎– Ya Mama / Song For Shelter Ex- 9 eu
Scooter ‎– Move Your Ass!/Back In Time -Vg+ 15 eu
Tin Machine ‎– You Belong In Rock N' Roll -Ex -10 eu
Living in a box -Dance mix -ex -7 eu
Falco -rock me amadeus/urban tropical -ex -6 eu
Samantha Fox -i only wanna be with you -Ex -6 eu
Samantha Fox -Touch me (i want you body)/Never gonna fall in love again -Vg -6eu
Lime -Guilty(culpable)Ex -6 eu
Mike Oldfield -Shadow on the wall(extended ver.)-Vg+ -5 eu
Miami Sound Machine -Bad boy(remix) Ex -5 eu
Fancy -Lady of Ice/Transmutation -Vg+ 15 eu
Culture Club -Karma Chameleon/I'll Tumble 4va - Nm -6 eu
Bananarama -Venus(the fire & brimstone mix)/white train -Nm -7 eu
Bananarama -Really saying something Ex -5 eu
Ryan Paris -Dolce Vita -NM -10 eu (italo disco)
Evelyn Thomas -High-Energy -Ex -5 eu
Stephanie -Irresistible/Ouragan -Ex 6 eu
C.C.Catch -Heaven and Hell/Hollywood nights -Ex -10 eu
Bangles -Hazy Shade of winter - ex-6eu
Donna Summer this time i know it's for real/whaterveryur heart desires Ex- 4 eu
Fun Fun Baila Bolera -Vg -5 eu
Michael Jackson -i just can't stop loving you/baby me mine -vg+ 9 eu
QuEEN -radio ga ga/Igo crazy -Vg -10 eu
Whitney houston -Greatest love of all/Thinking about you -Ex-4 eu
De Barge Rhythn of the night -Ex- 4 eu
Kim Wilde -the Second time/Lovers on a beatch -vg+ -5 eu

Yello ‎– Call It Love/L'Hôtel - EX/Ex -9 eu
Art of noise feat.Tom Jones- KISS -Ex/Ex -6 eu
Kool and the gang -Fresh(long version)/Take my heart/Home is where the heart is - Ex/Ex -6 eu
Right said fred -Deeply dippy -Vg+/Vg+ -9 eu
Right said fred -Hands up (4 lovers) -Ex/Ex-7 eu
Gary Low -I want you -Ex/Ex -6 eu (italo disco)
The wee papa girl rappers -We rule/rebel rap -Ex/Ex -4 eu
Vanessa Paradis -Joe Le Taxi -Ex/Ex.-16 eu
Silicon Dream -Marcello the Mastroiani -metropolitan mix -Ex-10 eu
OMD -Loud and clear(Extended ver.)Julia song -Ex/Ex -5 eu
The b-52's -Roam -radio mix, remix -Nm -6 eu
Camouflage -strangers thoughts/The Catch more Secrets/Zwischenspiel -Nm -10 eu
Miko Mission -How old are you -NM -9 eu (italo disco)
The Back Bag -Dial my number -NM -5 eu (italo disco)
Valerie Dore -The Night -NM -8 eu (italo disco)
Guru Joch -Infinity -Ex -5 eu
Falco -Jeany part 1, Manner des westen -EX-7 eu
Lois Lane - It's the first time -Ex-4 eu
Cure -Why Can't I be you(remix)/A japanese dream(remix)-Vg+ 9eu
Mr.Greedy -Ya bitch gotta Fullet vg+ 6 eu (Hip Hop)
The Danintees - trouble town -Ex-4 eu
Bananarama -Help/Love in the factory -Vg -6 eu
Village People -San francisco/In Hollywood/Fire Island/Vilage people -Ex-6 eu
Pat Benatar -Invincible(Theme from the Legend of Billie Jean) -Nm -6 eu
New Order Confusion and 2 confused Beats vg+ -9 eu
East 17 -Around the world -Ex- 5 eu
Bad Boys Blue -I wanna hear your Heartbeat/Sunday Girl -Vg+ -15 eu
Bad Boys Blue - Come Back and Stay(dance mix, audio Classic mix) -Ex -15 eu
Modern Talking -Atlantis is Calling (sos for love) -Vg+ 5 eu
Modern Talking -You can win if you want/one in a million -Vg+ -6 eu
Modern Talking - BrotherLouie -Vg+ -5 eu

Vilnius, tel. 861800374

Žmogus be svajonės - kaip paukštis be sparnų - šikti gali, o skraidyti ne.

Pranešimą redagavo: Francas - Antradienis, 2020-05-12, 17:31:52
FrancasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2020-05-07, 16:38:55 | Pranešimas # 2
Plokštelių larioko vedėjas
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 2130
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Žmogus be svajonės - kaip paukštis be sparnų - šikti gali, o skraidyti ne.
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