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Parduodu-keiciu vinilus
septimasData: Trečiadienis, 2014-07-09, 16:36:19 | Pranešimas # 1
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs


Procol Harum/Grand Hotel/1973/Germany/club sonderauflage/27407-6/ex/nm/14

Def Leppard/Pyromania/1983/UK/VERS 2/ex/nm/22

David Bowie/Pinups/1983/Netherlands/nm/nm/23

Sparks/No 1 in Heaven/1979/Germany/200 353/ex/nm/22
Steppenwolf/Live/2 LP/1970/Ger/ex/nm/24

Jimi Hendrix/The best of/1968/Germany/2499.043/nm/nm/17

Lou Gramm/ex Foreigner/1987/Ger/nm/nm/20

FRUMPY/Live/2 LP/Ger/ ex/vg+/14

Hot Chocolate/20 Hottest hits/UK/ex+/ex+/8

Bay City Rollers/Greatest Hits/Ger/ex/ex/7

Attention!The Walker Brothers/6430033/Ger/nm/nm/5

Queen/A kind of magic/1986/Ho/nm/nm/27

AMERICA/The view from the ground/1982/Italy/nm/nm/18

UFO/No heavy petting/1976/Ger/vg+/ex+/16

FEMME FATAL/1988/Ger/ex+/nm/8

Richard"Dimples"Fields/Dimples/1981/Ger/vg+/ex+/4    /   30 Golden guitar hits/ADE G 33/Ger/ex/nm/3

The Headboys/1979/Ge/ex/nm/4   /20 Funky Sound Power/MLP 15.525/Ger/ex/ex+/3

Spandau Ballet/Parade/1984/UK/ex/nm/6   SPANDAU Ballet/True/1983/Ger/ex+/nm/8

Shakin' Stevens and the Sunsets/Collection/1970/Germany/4    SINITTA!/1987/Ger/ex+/nm/5

Gloria Gaynor/Never say goodbye/1975/Ger/ex/ex+/3        /  Rocky-4/Soundtrack/Ger/g/ex+/3

Taja Sevelle/1987/Ger/ex+/nm/7   /   Land of pop and glory/5C04824730/Hol/ex/nm/3

Gerry Rafferty/City to city/1978/Ger/ex/nm/6       /  16 Motown chartbusters/1 C 058-95929/Ger/ex/ex/3

Super Gold Hits/1 C058-32139/1976/Ger/vg+/ex/2,50  Paint your wagon/Soundtrack/UK/nm/nm/3

/   Super 20 original international/25222/ XST/ex/ex/2  Soundtrack Paint your wagon/UK/nm/nm/4

/Super 20 Hit-Disco 82/204700-502/Ger/ex+/ex+/3 Herman's Hermits/Ge/ex/ex/4

Blue Jeans Party/Hillbilly & Western songs/Ger/ex/ex/3       /Super 20 Chart Breaker'84/206130-502/1984/nm/nm/5

Puhdys/Rock'n'Roll music/Amiga/ex/vg+/2       /The Story of Pop 3×7=21/28594 XST/Ger/ex/nm/3

Shirley Bassey/Gold Collection/2 LP/Ger/ex/nm/nm/6

B.V.S.P. Be gentle/45 RPM/Ger/nm/nm/1,50      /    40 Super Oldies/2LP/6.28301/Ger/ex/ex/3

Top Smash Hits No.1/2 LP/CBS 4605731/1987/Hol/ex/nm/nm/5   /ABBA/Voulez-Vous/Melodia/ex/ex/2

Tonight/Original stars-original hits/ADE G 81/Ger/ex/nm/3              Rainbow/Melodia/1988/ex/nm/7

Tame & Maffay/1977/Ger/ex/ex+/7  /Santa Esmeralda starring Leroy Gomez/1977/Ger/9120236/ex/nm/5

Tame & Maffay-2/1979/Ger/ex/nm/7    /Slim Whitman's Golden songbook/1965 re/UAS 29645 MONO/nm/nm/5

Boney M/Nightflight to Venus/Melodia/ex/ex/2   / Karel Gott'77/Czchec/ex/ex/3

Smokie/Melodia/ex/ex/4 / Ted Egan/Beyond the Black Stump/1976/Australia/nm/nm/9

Ona Valiukeviciute/Mano Teviskei/Melodia/vg+/ex+/2           Armonika/Tai graziai augino/Melodia/ex//ex/3

Dainuoja Stasys Povilaitis/Melodia/ex/vg+/        Armonika/Oi tai dyvai/Melodia/ex/ex+/4

Hitparade/E 1019/Ger/nm/nm/2  /The World of Hits vol.2/1969/UK/SPA.35/ex/vg+/3

Disco Fever/1977/Ger/TG 1159/ex/ex/2       Die super sommer hitparade/1988/Dino LP1811/mint/mint/2

Die Top-Hits aus FORMEL 1/1983/Ger/1 C 0881783281/Ger/ex/nm/3   Hits for young people-3/E 1060/ Ger/ex/nm/2

Super 20 Starlights/Ger/200220-501/ex/nm/3    /   Super 20 Starlights/Ger/380568/ex/nm/3

Tommys Pop Show Extra/1984/Ger/ex/nm/3      The best of the Dubliners/SHM857/UK/nm/nm/3

Hit Power '81/1981/Ger/WEA 58374/nm/nm/3   /Dance little bird/original version/Electronica's/Hol/ex/nm/2

Disco Hits 20 Original 20 hits/Ger/TG 131/ex/ex/3    /Barron Knights/Jesta giggle/1980/UK/ex/nm/2,50

Disco Motion/1978/Germany/TG 1199/ex/nm/3       /The Air Mail/Butterfly/E464/Ger/ex/nm/2

URANIUM/Eleanor Rigby/Carbon 14/45 RPM/Ger/ex/nm/1,50   /Original hits 20 Original stars/TG 131/1975/Ger/2,50

The Byrds/Mr.Tambourine Man/1973/Hol/ex/ex/7          /Dynamic Sound/TU 235/1974/USA/ex/ex/2

Village People/Cruisin'/1978/Ger/ex+/nm/5   /Vairas/C6024553008/ Melodia/nm/nm/9 .

Iron Butterfly/In-a-Gadda-da-Vida/1973/Ger/vg+/ex+/5  Jethro Tull/War Child/1974/USA/ex/ex/8

Fat Boys/Coming back hard again/1988/Ger/nm/nm/5   Buddy Holly's Greatest Hits/1970/Ger/ex/nm/2,50

Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Micky&Tich!/Attention series/6438058/1973/Ger/vg+/ex+/4 *

Ike & Tina/Workin' together/Ger/ex/ex/11

Tina Turner/Private dancer/1984/Hol/nm/nm/12

Tina Turner/Break every rule/1984/Hol/nm/nm/12

Tina Turner/Tina Live in Europe/2 LP/1988/Hol/nm/nm/nm//20

Tina Turner/Foregn affair/1989/EU/nm/nm/12

Bee Gees...Live/Here at last/2 LP/Ger/ex+ex+/ex+//14

Boney M/Love for sale/1977/Ger/ex/nm/11

Boney M/Take the heat off me/Ger/nm/nm/12

Boney M/Nightflight to Venus/1978/Ger/ex/nm/9

Teddy Pendergrass/Its time for love/1981/Hol/ex+/nm/7

Atlantic Starr/Brilliance/1982/USA/ex/nm/7  Soundtrack Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome/starring Tina Turner/plakatas/Hol/ex/nm/12

Bobby Womack/The Poet/1982/Ger/ex/nm/9

Barbra Streisand/original motion picture soundtrack YENTL/1983/Hol/nm/nm/7

Zodiac/Disco alliance//Melodia/nm/nm/10

Zodiac/Music in the universe/Melodia/ex+/ex/8

Zodiac/Music in the universe/Melodia/nm/nm/10


ABBA/Ring Ring/1973/Den/ex/nm/?


ABBA/Mama mia/1975/Ger/ex/nm/12

ABBA/Greatest hits/1975/Scan/nm/nm/8


ABBA/The Album/1977/UK/nm/nm/12 ....

ABBA/The Album/1977/Ger/nm/nm/11


ABBA/Super trouper/1980/Ger/vg/ex/5

ABBA/Super trouper/1980/Ger/vg+/nm/9

ABBA/Super trouper/1980/ UK/ex/nm/12 **

ABBA/The Visitors/1981/Ger/ex/nm/11

ABBA/The  Visitors/1981/Holl/vg+/nm/10

ABBA/The Hits/1987/UK/ex+/nm/8

ABBA/The Singles/The first ten years/2 LP/1983/Ger/vg+/ex+/10

ABC/Tears are not enough/1981 debut single/Ger/45"/ex/ex+/4

Accept/Russian roulette/1986/Ger/ex/nm/20



Agnetha Faltskog/exABBA/Eyes of the woman/1985/Scandinavia/nm/nm/8

Agnetha Faltskog/Wrap your arms around me/1983/Scandinavia/nm/nm/8  Aerosmith/Toys in the Attic/1975/USA/JC 33479/ex/nm/ 19

Aerosmith/Done with mirrors/1985/Germany/ex/nm/14

A-HA/Hunting high and low/1985/Germany/ex/nm/8

A-HA/Scoundrel days/1986/USA/ex+/nm/12

Alan Parsons Project/Ammonia Avenue/EU/nm/nm/17

Alan Parsons Project/Tales of mystery and imagination Edgar Allan Poe/Portugal/ex/nm/12

Alan Parsons Project/I Robot/1977/Italy/ex/ex/10

Alan Parsons Project/Eve/1979/Germany/ex/nm/12

Alan Parsons Project/Eye in the sky/1981/Germany/nm/nm/20   Alan Parsons Project/Pyramid/1978/Germany/ex/nm/12

Alan Parsons Project/Vulture Culture/1984/EU/vg+/nm/14

Alan Parsons Project/Stereotomy/1985/EU/nm/nm/17

Alan Parsons/Gaudi/1987/Germany/ex/nm/12

Albert Collins & the Ice Breakers/Dont lose your cool/1983/USA/ex/nm/9

Alice Cooper/Love it to death/1971/UK/K 46177/vg+/nm/24**

Alice Cooper/Love it to death/1974/Canada/ex+/nm/25

Alice Cooper/Killer/1971/UK//ex+/ex+/20

Alice Cooper/Schools out/1972/Germany/orig.first/ex+/ex+/20

Alice Cooper/Schools out/1973/Canada/ex+/nm/20

Alice Cooper/Greatest Hits/1974/Germany/nm/nm/18

Alice Cooper/Greatest Hits/1974/UK/nm/nm/20  **

Alice Cooper/Billion dollar babies/1973/UK/K 56013/vg/nm/be dolerio/17

Alice Cooper/Billion dollar babies/1973/UK/K56013/ex/nm/be dolerio/green label/22

Alice Cooper/Welcome to my nightmare/1975/Canada/ex+/ex+/20***

Alice Cooper/Lace and whiskey/1977/Germany/WB 56365/ex/nm/20

Alice Cooper/The Alice Cooper show/1977/Canada/ex/nm/20

Alice Cooper/Flush the fashion/1980/Holland/ex/nm/20

Alice Cooper/Star collection/Germany/ex/nm/17

Alice Cooper/Trash/1989/Holland/nm/nm/24**

-Al Stewart/Year of the cat on the border/1977/Spain/ex/ex+/5

Alison Moyet/Raindancing/1987/Holland/nm/nm/4

America/Hat Trick/1973/UK/ex+/nm/11





American dreams/28 american love songs/2 LP/SLTD 12/1985/UK/ex/nm/10


Aretha Franklin/Get it right/1983/Ger/ex+/nm/8

Art Garfunkel/Fate for breakfast/1979/UK/nm/nm/10

April Wine/Harder...faster/1979/Ger/exnm/14

April Wine/The Nature of the Beast/1981/Ger/ex+/nm/14

April Wine/Power Play/1982/Ger/ex/nm/14




Autograph/Loud and clear/1987/USA/nm/nm/12

Bachman Turner Overdrive/Not fragile/1974/Ger/ex/ex/12

Bachman Turner Overdrive/Not fragile/1974/UK/ex/ex/12

Bad Company/Straight shooter/1975/UK/vg+/vg+/7

Bad Company/Run with the pack/1976/USA/ex/nm/23

Bad Company/Desolation angels/1979/Ger/nm/nm/22

Bad Company/Desolation angels/1979/USA/nm/nm/23   /Billy Ocean/Suddenly/1984/Ger/nm/nm/12

Bad Company/Fame and fortune/1986/USA/ex+/nm/15   /Boston/Don't look back/1978/Hol/nm/nm/17

Bad English/1989/Holland/ex+/mint/12/ Bay City Rollers/Wouldn't you like it?/Ger/ex+/nm/11

Band,the/Rock of ages/2 LP/1972/USA/nm/nm/25

Bananarama/Wow/1987/Hol/nm/mint/11  *

Bananarama/True confessions/1986/UK/ex/mint/10

Barron Knights/The two sides of../2 LP/UK/nm/nm/7

Beach Boys/Spirit of America/2 LP/1975/USA/nm/nm/18

Belinda Bowler/Turning point/1988/UK/nm/mint/3  ..

Bellybutton&the knockwells/Blow baby blow/1991/Ger/mint/mint/sealed/20

Biddu Orchestra/Blue eyed soul/1975/Hol/vg+/ex+/3

Billy Joel/An innocent man/1983/UK/nm/nm/7

Byrds,the/The golden era of pop music/2 LP/1972/Hol/ex/nm/10

Black Oak Arkansas/Street party/1974/Ger/ex/nm/14

Black Sabbath/Sabotage/1975/vg+/ex/17    Black Sabbath/Sabotage/1980/Ireland/ex+/nm/28

Black Sabbath/Never say die/1978/USA/BSK 3186/vg/ex/7    Black Sabbath-I/1973/USA/vg+/ex+/  Black Sabbath/Paranoid/1979/USA/nm/nm/38
Sabbath/Mob Rules/1981/Scan/nm/nm/30

Black Sabbath/Greatest Hits/1985/Ger/ex/nm/16

Black Sabbath/Master of reality/1971/USA/green label/vg+/ex/38

Black Sabbath/Master of reality/1979/USA/vg+/nm/28

Black Sabbath/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/1973/Scan/ex/ex+/30

Black Sabbath/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/1980/Hol/nm/nm/30

Black Sabbath vol 4/1972/Ger/swirl/vg/vg+/     ?        Black Sabbath vol 4/1976/UK/ex+/nm/

Blue Oyster Cult/On your feet or on your knees/2 LP/1975/Hol/ex/nm/17

Blue Oyster Cult/On your feet or on your knees/2 LP/1975/Hol/nm/nm/18

Bob Dylan/Hard rain/1976/Hol/vg+/ex+/6

Bob Dylan/The Band/Before the Flood/Recorded Live in Concert/2 LP/1978/UK/vg+/ex+/10

Bob Dylan/Street legal/1978/Hol/vg/vg+/3 **

Bob Dylan/Live at Budokan/2 LP/16 page booklet/1978/Hol/ex/nm/14

Bob Seger&The Siver Bullet Band/Stranger in town/1978/Ger/nm/nm/10 **

Bob Seger&The Silver Bullet Band/Against in the wind/1980/UK/ex/nm/10

Boney M/Take the heat off me/1976/Israel/vg+/nm/6

Boney M/Nightflight to Venus/1978/Ger/vg+/nm/7

Boney M/20 golden hits/1980/Ger/ex+/ex+/11

Boney M/32 Superhits/1986/UK/SMR 621/nm/nm/12

Boney M/Boonoonoonoos/1981/UK/vg+/nm/14

Boney M/Boonoonoonoos/1981/Italy/ex/nm/14

Bonnie Tyler/The hits of../1978/Ger/nm/nm/7

Bonnie Tyler/Faster than the speed of night/1983/UK/ex+/ex+/7

Bonnie Tyler/Faster than speed of night/1983/Hol/ex+/nm/7

Bonnie+Meatloaf/Heaven and Hell/1983/UK/ex/ex/6

Birthcontrol Live 2LP/1974/Holland/vg+/nm/18

Blind Faith USA ex ex 17

Blood Sweat & Tears/Brand new day/1977/USA/ex/nm/11

Bryan Adams/Cuts like a knife/1983/Holland/nm/nm/7

Bryan Adams/Into the fire/1987/Holland/nm/nm/7

Brother Beyond/Get even/1988/UK/nm/nm/5

Bumpers/2 LP/IDP 1/UK/ex/nm/12

Buffie Sainte-Marie/The best of/2 LP/France/nm/nm/7

Canned  Heat/Historical figures and ancient heads/1972/USA/nm/nm/20

Carlos Santana Mahavishnu John McLaughlin/Love devotion surrender/1973/USA/nm/nm/15

Cat Stevens/Teaser&the Firecat/1976/Germany/vg+/ex/3

Cat Stevens/Greatest Hits/1975/Germany/ex/nm/7

Cream/Live Cream/Germany/vg+/vg+/11

Creedence Clearwater Revival/1969/Re/EU/nm/nm/23

Creedence Clearwater Revival/Cosmo's Factory/1970/Re/EU/28

Creedence Clearwater Revival/Mardi Gras/Germany/nm/vg+/15

Creedence Clearwater Revival/Chronicle/20 Greatest Hits/2 LP/1976/Germany/ex+/nm/16 REZERVUOTA

Creedence Clearwater Revival/Creedence Gold/Germany/vg+/vg+/9

Crystal Gayle/Nobody wants to be alone/1985/Germany/ex/ex/2

Chris de Burgh/Getaway/1982/Holland/ex/nm/5

Chris de Burgh/Flying colours/1988/USA/ex/nm/7

Chris de Burgh/Spark to a flame/1989/UK/ex+/nm/7

Christopher Cross/1979/Germany/vg+/nm/4 ...

Chris Rea/Dancing with strangers/1987/Germany/nm/nm/10.

Chris Norman/Midnight lady/long version/EP/Germany/nm/nm/8

Dalida/1966/mono/UK/TL 5348/nm/nm/8

David Bowie/Scary monsters/1980/Ger/nm/nm/17

David Gilmour/ 1978 /Ger /ex /nm/17

David Gilmour/About face/1984/Ger/ex/nm/17

Deep Purple/Shades of Deep Purple/1969/Ger/vg/vg/8

Deep Purple/Shades of Deep Purple/1969/Re/EU/20

Deep Purple/In Rock/1970/USA/green label/vg/ex+/18

Deep Purple/In Rock/1970/Neth/nm/nm/30

Deep Purple/In Rock/1970/UK/nm/nm/32

Deep Purple/In Rock/1980/Italy/nm/nm/25

Deep Purple/ Machine Head/1972/UK/ex/nm/30

Deep Purple/Fireball/1971/Ger/ex/nm/21

Deep Purple/Made in Japan/2 LP/1972/nm/nm/nm/30

Deep Purple/Made in Japan/2LP/1973/USA/ex/nm/nm/32

Deep Purple/Burn/1974/Germany/Club-sonderauflage/nm/nm/20

Deep Purple/Come taste the band/1975/Hol/ex/nm/22

Deep Purple/Come taste the band/1975/UK/ex+/ex+/23

Deep Purple/Come taste the band/1975/Italy/nm/nm/25

Deep Purple/Made in Europe/1976/UK/vg+/ex+/14

Deep Purple/Made in Europe/1976/Ger/ex/nm/17

Deep Purple/Made in Europe/1976/Can/nm/nm/25

Deep Purple/24 Carat Purple/UK/nm/nm/15

Deep Purple/Who do we thik we are/1973/Italy/nm/nm/28

Deep Purple/Who do we think we are/1972/UK/ex/nm/2u

Deep Purple/Fireball/1984 Fame/Ger/ex/nm/15

Deep Purple/Sormbringer/1974/UK/vg/ex+/10

Deep Purple/Stormbringer/1974/Ger/vg+/nm/15

Deep Purple /Stormbringer/ 1975/ USA /nm /nm /27   ..

Deep Purple/Come taste the band/1975/Denk/vg/nm/12

Deep Purple Come taste the band 1975 Den nm nm 21

Deep Purple Come taste the band 1975 USA vg+nm 21

Deep Purple/Perfect Strangers/1984/Germany/ex/nm/18

Depeche Mode/Speak & Spell/1981/Germany/ex/nm/20

Depeche Mode/A broken frame/1982/Germany/ex/nm/20

Depeche Mode/Black Celebration/1986/Germany/ex/ex/20

Derek & the Dominos/Layla and other assorted love songs/2 LP/1972/Germany/nm/nm/32


Dire Straits/Communique/1979/EU/nm/nm/15

Dire Straits/Making Movies/1980/UK/vg+/vg+/10

Dire Straits/Love over gold/1982/Hol/14

Doors/Morrison Hotel/2009/EU/nm/nm/20

Don Johnson/Heart beat/1986/Hol/vg+/nm/3

Eagles/1972/USA/vg+/ex+/15    Eagles/One of these nights/1975/UK/nm/nm/19  Eagles/One of these nights/USA/nm/nm/23

Eagles/Desperado/1973/Ger/vg+/ex+/7       Eagles/Their greatest hits/1976/Ger/ex/nm/11

Eagles/Hotel California/1976/Ger/ex+/nm/17     Eagles/Hotel California/1976/UK/ex/nm/20

Eagles/The long run/1979/UK/ex/nm/15   Eagles/The long run/1979/USA/nm/nm/21

Eagles/The long run/Ger/ex+/ex+/10   Eagles/On the border/1974/Ger/vg+//nm/14

Eagles/Live/2 LP/1980/Ger/ex+/nm/24 ...

East of Eden/Things/2 LP/1976/Ger/vg+/nm/15

Edgar Broughton Band/ A bunch of 45s/ UK /ex/ ex /12

Exciter/Long Live the Loud/1990/Czech/mint/mint/14

Exciter/Violence & force/1990/Czech/mint/mint/14

Exciter/Unveiling the wicked/1990//Czech/mint/mint/14

Electric Light Orchestra/ A new world record /1976/ UK /ex /nm/ 12

Electric Light Orchestra II /1978/vg/nm/6

Electric Light Orchestra/Face the music/1975/Hol/vg+/nm/10

Electric Light Orchestra/Face the music/1978/Hol/nm/nm/11

Electric Light Orchestra Discovery 1979 Hol ex nm 12

Elecctric Light Orchestra/Secret messages/1980/Hol/nm/nm/17


Electric Light Orchestra/ELO's Greatest Hits/ex/nm/7

Eloy/Floating/Ger/ex/ex+/20 REZERVUOTA

Eloy Ocean 1977 Ger ex nm 20



Elton John/Dont shoot me/1972/UK/nm/nm/14 REZERVUOTA

Elton John/Rock of the Westies/1975/UK/vg+/nm/10

Elton John/Here and There/1976/Hol/vg+/nm/7

Elton John/A single man/1978/USA/nm/nm/19

Elton John/21 at 33/1980/UK/ex/nm/6

Emerson Lake & Palmer/Tarkus/1971/UK/ex/nm/15

Eruption/1977/Ger/ex/nm/12                         60

Eruption/Leave a light/1978/Ger/ex/ex/11


Eurythmics/In the garden/1981/Ger/nm/nm/11

Eurythmics/1984-for the love of big brother/Ger/ex+/nm/9

Eurythmics/Touch /1984/Ger/nm/nm/12

Eurythmics/Be yourself tonight/1985/Ger/ex/nm/8

Eurythmics/Be yourself tonight/1985/Italy/nm/nm/11

Eurythmics/Revenge/1986/Ger/ex/nm/9  *


Eurythmics/Savage/1987/Ger/nm/nm/14 *

Eurythmics/We too are one/1989/ex/nm/Ger/12

Europe/Wings of tomorrow/1984/nm/nm/17

Europe/The Final Countdown/1986/Hol/nm/nm 1u

Europe/Out of this world/1988/Hol/nm/nm/ 17

Fisher-Z/Red skies over paradise/1981/Hol/ex+/ex+/4

Fleetwood Mac/Rumours/1981/USA/ex+/ex/14

Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac/1968/re unknown/Hol/ex+/mint/19

Fleetwood Mac /Then play on/ 1973/ Ger /nm/ nm /18

Fleetwood Mac Mystery to me 1977 USA nm nm 22

Fleetwood Mac Tusk 2LP 1979 Ger nm nm 23

Fleetwood Mac/Rumours/1977/Ger/nm/nm/18

Foghat Fool for the city 1975 USA ex nm 22

Foghat/In the mood for something rude/1982/USA/vg+/nm/21


Foreigner/Double vision/1978/UK/nm/nm/19

Foreigner 4/1981/Germany/ex/nm/10

Foreigner 4/1981/UK/nm/nm/17

Foreigner/Agent Provocateur/1984/USA/ex/nm/15

Foreigner/Inside information/1987/Germany/nm/nm/14

Freddie Mercury/Mr.Bad Guy/1985/Holland/ex/nm/15

Gary Glitter Remember me this way 1974 Germany ex ex 8

Geordie/Hope you like iit/1973/Re/UK/nm/nm/36

George Harrison Cloud nine 1987 UK nm nm 17

George Harrison/1981/USA/nm/nm/20

George Harrison Thirty three and 1&3 Holland nm nm 20

Gillan/Glory road/1980/UK/ex/nm/9
Golden Earring/The best of Golden Earring Golden Greats/2459312/Germany/nm/nm/10

Golden Earring Switch 1975 Germany vg+ex+ 10

Golden Earring Switch 1975 USA nm nm 20

Golden Earring Mad Love 1977 USA ex nm14

Gillan/Future Shock/1981/Finland/ex+/nm/14

Harvey Mason/Groovin' you/1979/UK/45"RPM/nm/7

Heart/Little Queen/1977/Holland/vg+/nm/12

Heart/Dog & Butterfly/1978/UK/ex/nm/11

Heart/Bebe le strange/1980/Spain/nm/nm/17

Humble Pie/Rock on/1973/USA/ex/nm/35

Humble Pie/Street Rats/1975/USA/ex/nm/30

Humble Pie/Street Rats/UK/1975/vg+/nm/30

Humble Pie/On to victory/1980/USA/ex/nm/28

Humble Pie/Performance rockin' the Fillmore/2 LP/ex/ex/30

Jefferson Airplane Thirty seconds over winterland 1973 USA nm nm 27    JAPAN/Assemblage/1981/Germany/vg+/vg+/8

Joan Orleans/1987/Germany/vg+/nm/6

Joe Cocker/Cocker/1986/Germany/ex/nm/9

Joe Cocker/Civilized Man/1984/Germany/vg/ex+/6  JESSE GREEN/Nice and slow/1976/Germany/vg+/ex+/7

Joe Cocker/Unchain my heart/1987/EU/ex/nm/12   JOHNNY CASH/American Superstars/1982/Holland/exnm/6

Johny Destry&Destiny/Girls,rock'n'roll&cars/1980/Germany/ex/nm/2           JOE DASSIN/Melodia/nm/nm/5

Joe Cocker/One night of sin/1989/Germany/nm/nm/12  JOE JACKSON/Night and day/1982/UK/vg+/ex/2

Joe Cocker Night calls 1991 Poland mint mint 20 .JOAN BAEZ/The contemporary ballad book/2 LP/1974/France/5

John Lennon /Live in New York city/ 1986/ India/ vg+nm /10

John Lennon Rock n roll 1985 EU nm nm 20

John Travolta,Olivia Newton-John/soundtrack from GREASE/2 LP/1978/ex/vg+/7

John Travolta/Can't let you go/1977/USA/nm/nm/14

Journey Escape 1981 HOLLAND vg+ex 5

Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene 1976 Germany nm nm/14

Jean Michel Jarre Les Chants Magnetiques 1981 France nm nm 15

Jean Michel Jarre/Les concerts en China/2 LP/1982/Germany/nm/nm/23

Jeff Cooper and the Stoned Wings/Tribute to Jimi Hendrix/Germany/ex/nm/7

Jesus Christ Superstar/1972/UK/MFP 50362/ex+/nm/5

Jethro Tull/Thick as a brick/1972/USA/nm/nm/33

Jethro Tull/This was/1973/USA/nm/nm/23

Jethro Tull/War child/1974/Germany/vg+/ex+/9

Jethro Tull Songs from the wood 1976 UK nm ex 17

Jethro Tull War child 1980 Germany nm nm 23

Jethro Tull War child 1974 UK ex nm 23

Jethro Tull/Broadsword and the beast/1982/Germany/nm/nm/18

Jimmy Hibbert's Heavy Duty/1980/Germany/vg+/nm/2

Judas Priest/Rocka Rolla/1974/Belgium/vg+/nm/23

Judas Priest/Sin after sin/1977/Holland/nm/nm/27

Judas Priest/Killing machine/1978/Holland/ex/nm/23.

Judas Priest/The best of/1978/Belgium/ex/nm/18

Judas Priest/Point of entry/1981/Holland/ex/nm/23

Judas Priest/Defenders of the faith/1984/Holland/nm/nm/27

Judas Priest/Firepower/2 LP/2018/Germany/nm/nm/38

IAN HUNTER/Mott the Hoople/You're never alone with a schizophrenic/1979/USA/vg+/ex+/12

Yes/Yessongs/3 LP/1973/Germany/vg/ex/14

Yes/Close to the edge/1973/Germany/ex/nm/18



Yngwie J.Malmsteen/Odyssey/1988/UK/vg+/vg+/10



Kansas/Point of know return/1977/Holland/ex/nm/13


Karel Vagner band/Buena/Buenaventura/1989/Czech/ex/nm/5

Ken Hensley/Proud words on a dusty shelf/1973/USA/ex/nm/32

Kim Wilde/Select/1982/Holland/nm/ex+/12

Kim Wilde/Close/1988/Germany/nm/nm/14

King Crimson/In the court of the King Crimson/1969/UK/vg+/vg+/30

King Crimson/In the court of the King Crimson/1969/re 1977/Ger/ex/ex+/30

Kiss/Hotter than hell/1974/Germany/ex/ex+/17

Kiss/Dressed to kill/1975/Germany/ex/nm/23


Kiss/Love Gun/1977/Germany/ex/nm/22


Kiss/Alive II/1977/Germany/ex/ex+/25

Kiss/Lick it up/1983/Germany/ex/nm/17

KRACKER/Kracker brand/1973/UK/COC 49102/vg+nukirptas voko kampas/ex+/7

Leslie West/Mountain/1969/USA/ex/nm/30

Lynyrd Skynyrd/One more from the road/1979/UK/ex/nm/15


Madonna /Like a virgin /1985/ Germany /ex/ nm /7

Madonna/Like a virgin/1985/USA/nm/nm/20

Madonna/True blue/1986/Germany/ex+/nm/10

Madonna/You can dance/1987/USA/nm/nm/12

Madonna/Who's that girl/1987/USA/ex+/nm/10

Madonna/Like a prayer/1989/Germany/nm/nm/15

Madonna/Like a prayer/1989/Germany/12" 45 RPM/ex/ex/3

Magnum/Wings of heaven/1988/Holland/ex/nm/10  Manfred Manns Earth Band/Criminal tango/1986/Germany/nm/nm/17 ..

Marc Bolan and T-Rex/Tanx/1983/UK/ex+/nm/27

Manfred Mann's Earth Band/Somewhere in Afrika/1982/Germ/nm/nm/17  toks pat USA-22

Manfred Manns Earth Band Watch 1978 Germany ex nm 12 .      Manfred Manns Earth Band/The good earth/1974/France/ex/nm/14

Manfred Manns Earth Band/Nightingales&bombers/1975/Germany/ex/nm/23  nm/nm/ 28

Manfred Manns Earth Band/Solar fire/1973/Germany/ex/ex+/15 ...

Manfred Manns Earth Band/Angel station/1979/ex/ex/12 ...Manfred Manns Earth Band/Live in


Manfred Manns Earth Band/The roaring silence/1976/USA/ex/nm/17

Manfred Manns Earth Band/1977/compilation contains spirit in tbe night/USA/ex/nm/20

MC 5/Kick out the jams/1978/Germany/ex/nm/18

Meat Loaf/Bat out of hell/1977/Holland/vg+/nm/6 .Meat Loaf/Bat out of hell/1977/Canada/ex/nm/12

Meat Loaf/Bat out of hell/1977/UK/ex/ex+/8

Meat Loaf/Featuring Stoney&Meatloaf/1979/Holland/vg+/vg+/3

Meat Loaf/Dead ringer/1981/Holland/ex/nm/10 *

Meat Loaf/Bad attitude/1984/Germany/ex/nm/10

Meat Loaf/Blind before I stop/1986/re 1988/Melodia/ex/nm/5  *

Melanie/Stoneground words/1972/USA/ex/ex+/6       Melanie/Stoneground words/1972/USA/ex/nm/8   *

Men at work/Business as usual/1981/Holland/ex/nm/8

Men at work/Business as usual/1981/Holland/nm/nm/11

Men at work/Cargo/1983/Holland/nm/nm/10

Men at work/Two hearts/1985/Holland/nm/nm/10

Men at work/Cargo/1983/South Africa/ex/nm/8

Midnight Oil/Blue sky mining/1990/Czcheck/nm/nm/12

Michael Schenker Group/One night at Budokan/2 LP/1981/Sweden/nm/nm/22

Michael Schenker Group/Assault attack/1982/Germany/ex/ex/10

Mike Oldfield/Boxed/4 LP/UK/ex/nm/20

Mike Oldfield/Five miles out/1982/Germany/nm/nm/9 ..

Mike Oldfield/Islands/1987/Germany/nm/nm/12 *

Mike Oldfield/Tubular Bells- II/1992/Germany/nm/nm/20

Modern Talking-4/In the middle of nowhere/1986/Germany/ex/nm/12 REZERVUOTA

Modern Talking-5/Romantic warriors/1987/Scandinavia/ex+/nm/12 REZERVUOTA

Montrose/Rock the nation/1973/Germany/nm/nm/20

Motley Crue/Theatre of Pain/1985/Germany/ex+/nm/12

Motorhead/Another perfect day/1992/Russia/nm/mint/14


Motorhead/Iron fist/1992/Russia/nm/mint/14

Molly Hatchet/1978/UK/ex/nm/14

Molly Hatchet/1980/USA/ex/nm/14

Mud/Use your imagination/1975/Germany/ex/nm/12

Music Power/20 original hits original stars/TG 2891113/1974/Germany/ex/ex+/3

Nazareth lead vocalist DAN McCAFFERTY/1975/Scandinavia/nm/nm/22

Nazareth/Razamanaz/Germany/ex/mint?/20    Nazareth/Razamanaz/USA/ex/ex/20

Nazareth/Razamanaz/UK/Mooncrest/ex/ex/23   Nazareth/Sound elixir/1983/Holland/ex+/nm/22



Nazareth/Rock angels/1973/Germany/ex+/ex+/20


Nazareth/Rampant/1974/UK/MOUNTAIN/vg+/ex+/20   Nazareth/Close enough for rock'n'roll/Scandinavia/nm/nm/25

Nazareth/Close enough for rock'n'roll/1976/Netherlands/nm/mint?/23   Nazareth/Close enough for rock'n'roll/Canada/nm/nm/30

Nazareth/Playing the game/1976/Netherlands/ex/nm/20    Nazareth/Playing the game/Scandinavia/nm/nm/21

Nazareth/Hair of the dog/1975/Netherlands/mint?mint?/27  Nazareth/Hair of the dog/USA/nm/nm/30

Nazareth/Hair of the dog/UK/nm/nm/28  Nazareth/2 in 1/2 LP/Hair of the dog and Rampant/1988/UK/30

Nazareth/The fool circle/1980/Germany/ex/nm/23

Nazareth/Malice in wonderland/1980/UK/MOUNTAIN/ex/ex+/27

Nazareth/It'Snaz/Live/2 LP/Germany/1981/ex/nm/32

Nazzreth/Malice in wonderland//Club edition/nm/nm/25  Nazareth/Malice in wonderland/Can/nm/nm/27

Nazareth/Hair of the Dog LIVE/2008/Germany/nm/nm/22  Nazareth/'snaz/2 LP/1981/Ger/ex/nm/25

Nazareth/Expect no mercy/USA/vg+/nm/24  Nazareth/Expect no mercy/Ger/ex/nm/22

Neil Young/After the gold rush/Ger/ex/nm/17

OMEGA/Time robber/1976/Ger/nm/ex+/17

Opus/Live is life/1984/Germany/ex+/nm/12

Orchestre Arthur Iriti/Iaora Tahiti/1969/Germany/3

Ozzy Osbourne/Diary of madman/1981/Holland/ex+/nm/23

Ozzy Osbourne/The ultimate sin/1986/Holland/ex+/nm/23

Ozzy Osbourne/The ultimate sin/1986/Holland/nm/nm/25

Ozzy Osbourne/Ordinary Man/2020/EU/mint/34

Paul Kantner JEFFERSON STARSHIP/Blows against the empire/1970/USA/ex/nm/30

Paul  McCartney All the best 2 LP 1987 UK ex nm 20

Peter Frampton/Frampton comes alive!/1976/USA/ex/ex/17

Peter Frampton/I am in you/1977/USA/ex/nm/10

P.F.M.Chocolate Kings/1976/UK/ex+/vg+/14

Pink Floyd/More/1969/France/vg+/nm/20

Pink Floyd/Ummagumma/2 LP/1969/USA/ex/ex/40

Pink Floyd/Meddle/1971/Germany/ex+/ex+/28

Pink Floyd/Obscured by clouds/1972/Sweden/ex/nm/28

Pink Floyd/Wish you were here/1975/EU/ex/vg+/14

Pink Floyd/Wish you were here/1975/Germany/ex/ex+/35

Pink Flloyd/The Wall/1979/Germany/nm/nm/45

Pink Floyd/Delicate sound of thunder/1990/USSR/ex/ex/18

Pink Floyd/The Division Bell/1994/re2008/USA/nm/ex+/50

Pointer Sisters/Break out/1983/Germany/vg+/nm/7


Prince/Batman/motion picgure siundtrack/EU/1989/14

Procol Harum/A Salty Dog/1972/UK/MFP 5277/ex+/ex+/18

Procol Harum/Procols ninth/1975/UK/ex/nm/17

Pugh Rogefeldt/Bamalama/1977/Sweden/nm/nm/6

Racey/Smash and grab/1979/Germany/ex/nm/7


Rainbow/Rising//1976/Germany/ex+/nm/30     ****




Rainbow/Rising/1976/Japan/nm/nm/35 No obi

Rainbow/On stage 2 LP/1977/Germany/ex+/nm/30

Rainbow/Long live rock'n'roll/1978/Germany/ex/ex/14

Rainbow/Down to earth/1979/Germany/ex/nm/14

Rainbow/Down to earth/1979/UK/vg+/nm/15

Rainbow/Difficult to cure/1981/Germany/ex/nm/12

Rainbow/Difficult to cure/Holland/ex/nm/12

Rainbow/Straight between the eyes/1982/Germany/nm/nm/25

Rainbow/Straight between the eyes/1982/EU/nm/nm/25


Rick Astley/Whenever you need somebody/1987/Germany/ex/nm/5

Rick Astley/Hold me in your arms/1988/Germany/ex/nm/5

Robert Palmer/Pride/1983/EU/nm/nm/5

Robert Plant/Shaken'n'stirred/1985/Germany/ex/nm/12

Robert Plant/Shaken'n'stirred/1985/USA/vg+/ex/9

Robert Plant/Pictures at eleven/1982//UK/ex+/nm/20   ..

Robert Plant/Pictures at eleven/1982/USA/nm/nm/25

Rod Stewart /Atlantic Crossing/ 1975 /Ger /ex /nm/ 10    Rod Stewart/Atlantic Crossing/1975/UK/ex+/nm/12

Rod Stewart/Night on the town/1976/nm/nm/12

Rod Stewart/Every beat of my heart/1986/Ger/ex/ex/5  R Stewart/Body wishes/1983/Ger/ex/nm/7

Rod Stewart/Absolutely live/2 LP/1982/Ger/nm/nm/15  R Stewart/Foolish behaviour/1980/USA/ex/ex/7

Rod Stewart/Fool looses&fancy free/1977/Ger/ex/nm/7  R Stewart/Blondes have more fun/1978/UK/nm/nm/10

Rod Stewart/Camouflage/1984/Ger/nm/nm/10  R Stewart/Greatest hits/1979/Ger/ex/nm/7

Rod Stewart/Vagabond Heart/1991/Ger/nm/nm/14 The best of Rod Stewart/2 LP/1977/UK/nm/nm/17

Rolling Stones/Big Hits/High tide and green grass/DECCA TXS 101/1973/Ger/ex/ex+/17

Rolling Stones/Goats head soup/1977/USA/ex+/nm/30

Rolling Stones /Sticky Fingers /Ger/ ex/ ex /35

Rolling Stones/Their satanic majesties request/mono TXL 103/1967/Ger/ex+/vg+/ ??

Rolling Stones/Their satanic majesties request/stereo TXS 103/1967/Ger/ex/vg/ ??

Rolling Stones/Their satanic majesties request/USA/ex+/ex+/40

Rolling Stones/Re Flowers/1967/Re 1981 /nm/nm/14

Rolling Stones/The very best of Rolling Stones/2 LP/1975/UK/ex/nm/nm/18

Rolling Stones/Die 30 grosten hits/2 LP/ADE G 27/1977/Ger/ex/ex/12

Rolling Stones/Flashpoint/1991/Poland/mint/mint/20 ..

Roxette/Look sharp/1988/EU/mint/mint//

Roxy Music/Viva!/1976/Hol/ex/ex/8

Rough Diamond/1977/lead vocalist David Byron/USA/ex/nm/17 .




Santana/Moonflower/2 LP/1977/Spain/nm/nm/17

Santana/Beyond appearances/1985/Hol/nm/nm/14

Savoy Brown/Looking in/USA/ex/nm/44

Savoy Brown/Step Futher/USA/nm/nm/44

Savoy Brown/Street Corner Talking/USA/44

Scorpions/Best vol.1/EU/nm/nm/15

Scorpions/Best vol.2/EU/nm/nm/15

SCORPIONS/Crazy World/1990/Holland/ex/nm/27

Spooky Tooth/You broke my heart so I busted your jaw/1973/USA/ex+/nm/30

Steppenwolf/At your Birthday Party//USA/nm/nm/35


Status Quo Hello 1973 UK vg+nm  14

Status Quo Blue for you 1976 Ger/ ex /nm /12

Steve Miller Band/Book of dreams/1977/Ger/ex/ex+/7

Simon and Garfunkel/Bridge over troubled water/club -sonderauflage1969/Ger/ex/vg+/4

Simple Minds Live/In the city of light/2 LP/1987/EU/nm/nm/17

Slade/Play it loud/1971/UK/ex/nm/50

Slade/Slayed?/1972/Ger/ex+/ex+/17  .....


Slade Alive!/1972/UK/ex/ex/14 .....

Slade Alive!/1972/Italy/nm/nm/ 20  ....

Slade/Sladest/1973/Ger/ex/nm/18  ...

Slade/Sladest/1973/UK/vg+/vg+/15  ...

Slade/In flame/1974/Scan/exnm/17 ...

Slade Old new borrowed and blue 1974 UK nm nm 20  ........

Slade/Nobodys fool/1976/Scan/ex/nm/30   ....

Slade/Till deaf do us part/1981/Ger/ex/ex+/30

Slade/Keep your hands off my power supply/1984/USA/nm/nm/

Slade/Rogues gallery/1985/Ger/ex/nm/25 **

Slade/Alive II/1987/UK/ex/nm/23

Slade /Slade smashes/France/ex/nm/14 ....

Slade/Far far away/Ger/vg+ex/8

Slade/On stage/1982/Ger/nm/nm/25

Slade/The Christmas Party Album/Crackers/1985/UK/Vg+/ex/18

Simply Red/Picture book/1985/Ger/ex/nm/8

Scorpions/Lonesome crow/1972/re 80/Ger/nm/nm/20

Scorpions/Fly to the rainbow/1974/Ger/vg+/nm//20


Scorpions/World wide live/2 LP/EU/1985/vg+/nm/27

Scorpions/World wide live/2 LP/1985/Ger/nm/nm/30

Secret Service/Oh Susie/1980/Gerr/nm/nm/20

Smokie/Greatest hits volume 2/Ger/ex/nm/14

Smokie/The other side of the road/1979/Germany/ex/nm/14 ..

Smokey/Changing all the times/1975/Germany/ex/ex+/20

Smokie/Midnight cafe/1976/Germany/ex/ex+/25

Smokie/Bright lights&back alleys/1977/Sweden/ex/ex/12

Strawbs/Bursting at the seams/1972/USA/ex/nm/20    /STYX/The grand illusion/1977/UK/ex/nm/10

Styx/Paradise theatre/1981/EU/nm/nm/14


Soundtrack An officer and a gentleman/1982/Australia/ex/nm/7

Soundtrack Dirty Dancing/More Dirty Dancing/1988/Germany/ex/nm/3  .

Soundtrack Saturday Fever/2 LP/1977/Germany/ex/nm/7  ..

Super Love Hits/2 LP/TG 1485/Germany/nm/nm/14

Suzi Quatro/1973/Germany/nm/nm/23

Suzi Quatro/Quatro/1974/Germany/nm/nm/23

Suzi Quatro/1975/Germany/ex/ex+/18

Suzi Quatro/Suzi...and other four letter words/1979/Germany/nm/nm/20

Suzi Quatro/If you knew Suzi/1978/Germany/ex/nm/17

Suzi Quatro/If you knew Suzi/1979/USA/ex/nm/20







Sparks/Kimono my house/1974/Germany/ex/nm/25

Sparks/A woofer in tweeters clothing/1973/UK/vg/nm/20

Sparks/No 1 in heaven/1979/USA/ex/ex+/23

Spinners/Dancin' and lovin'/1979/Germany/vg+/ex/2

Supertramp/Indelibly Stamped/1977/UK/ex+/vg+/14

Supertramp/Indelibly Stamped/1977/Holland/ex+/nm/17

Supertramp/Crime of the century/1974/France/vg+/vg+/7

Supertramp/Even in the quietest moments/1977/Italy/vg+/nm/8 .

Supertramp/Crisis?What crisis?/1975/Germany/vg+/ex/9

Supertramp/Crisis?What crisis?/1975/Holland/vg+/ex/9

Supertramp/Breakfast in America/1979/Holland/vg+/nm/11

Supertramp/Paris/2 LP/1980/HOLLAND/ex+/nm/25 .**

Supertramp/...famous last words.../1982/Holland/nm/nm/17 ...

Supertramp/...famous last words.../1982/USA/ex+/nm/20

Supertramp/Brother where you bound /1985/Germany/nm/nm/17  **

Survivor/Eye of the tiger/1982/Germany/nm/nm/12

Sweet/The Pipkins/UK/nm/nm/8

Sweet/Big power hits/1978/Germany/ex/vg+/8

Sweet/CDS 1168/UK/nm/nm/8

Sweet/Golden greats/66490 4/Germany/nm/nm15

Sweet/Desolation boulevard/1974/Germany/ex/ex/20

Sweet/Desolation boulevard/1974/UK/ex/ex/26

Sweet/Desolation Boulevard/1974/UK/ex/ex+/30

Sweet/Desolation boulevard/1981/compilation /Canada/nm/nm/30

Sweet/Strung up/2 LP/1975/Germany/ex/ex+/22

Sweet/Give us a wink/1976/USA/vg+/nm/30

Sweet/Give us a wink/1976/re 1990/Germany/nm/mint/25

Sweet/Fanny Adams/1974//UK/ex/ex+/30

Sweet/Fanny Adams/1974/Germany/vg+/ex+/25**

Sweet/Level headed/1978/Germany/ex+/ex+/17

Technotronic/Pump up the jam/1989/Germany/nm/nm/9

Technotronic/Body to body/1991/Germany/nm/nm/10

The Beatles/Help/1974/Germany/SHZE 162/ex/vg+/14

The Doors/Weird scenes inside the gold mine/2 LP/1972/Germany/nm/nm/30

The Cult/Sonic Temple/1989/Germany/ex+/ex+/18

The Cult/Electric/1987/Germany/ex/ex/12

The Four Seasons//Helicon/1977/UK/ex+/nm/8

The Police/Zenyatta mondatta/1980/UK/ex/nm/8

The Shorts/Comment ca va/Bulgaria/vg+/ex/2

The Troggs/Contrasts/UK/re/nm/nm/10

The Who/Tommy/1969/USAex/nm/50

The Who/Face dances/1981/Germany/vg+/nm/8

Traffic/John Barleycorn must die/1970/USA/ex/ex+/18

Traffic/The low spark of high heeled boys/1971/USA/ex+/ex+/15

Traffic/Shoot out at the fantasy factory/1973/USA/vg+/nm/15

Travelling Wilburys/Volume One/1988/Germany/nm/ex+/18

Travelling Wilburys/Volume One/1988/Germany/nm/nm/20

The Barbara Dickson Album/1980/Holland/ex/nm/2

The Michael Schenker Group/1980/Germany/ex+tnm/15

The Police/Zenyatta Mondatta/1980/UK/ex/ex+/9

The Sensational ALEX HARVEY BAND/The Penthouse tapes/1975/UK/ex/ex/14

The Steve Miller Band/Book of dreams/1977/Italy/vg+vg+/2

10 CC/Bloody tourists/1978/Germany/vg/ex/3

10 CC/Bloody tourists/1978/UK/ex+/nm/7

20 Monster Hits/2 LP/P2S/1972/Canada/ex/ex+/15

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band/Next.../Germany/ex/ex/7

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band/Live/1975/Germany/ex/nm/8

Thin Lizzy/Jailbreak/1976/UK/vg+/nm/18   The HOLLIES/Hallo/Germany/ex/nm/3

Thompson Twins/Here's to future days/1985/mint/mint/sealed/12

Thompson Twins/Here's to future days/2 LP/1985/nm/nm/15

TOM TOM CLUB/1981/USA/ex+/nm/19

Tom Jones/This is Tom Jones/1969/UK/ex+/ex+/8

Tony Christie/Live/1975/UK/vg/nm/5

Tony Christie/Ladies man/1980/Germany/ex+/ex+/7

T  'PAU/Rage/1988/nm/nm/7

Village People/Cruisin'/1978/vg+/nm/3   ..

War of the Worlds/Jeff Wayne's musical version/1978/UK/nm/nm/20


Wet Wet Wet/Holding back the river/1989/EU/nm/nm/9

Whitesnake/Slide it in/1984/UK/ex/nm/15

Whitesnake/Slide it in/1984/Ger/nm/nm/17

Whitesnake/ the heart of the city/2LP/1980/ex/ex/ex/Germany/14

Whitney Houston Whitney 1987 Germany ex nm 7  Whitney Houston/Whitney/1987/Germany/mint/mint/11

Wishbone Ash/There's the rub/1974/Germany/ex/nm/14

Wishbone Ash/Front page news/1977/USA/vg/nm/9

Wishbone Ash/Front page news/1977/Germany/nm/nm/15

Procol Harum/Exotic Birds and  Fruit/1974/Holland/ex/ex/10

Uriah Heep/...very eavy...very umble.../1971/85690 IT/Germany/nm/nm/30

Uriah Heep/...very eavy...very umble.../1982/Spain/ex/nm/27

Uriah Heep/Magicians Birthday/1983/EU/28769 XOT//nm/nm/28

Uriah Heep/Magicians Birthday/1972/USA/ex/nm/40 ...

Uriah Heep/...very eavy...very umble.../1970/ReBRNA 142/UK/ex+/ex+/27

Uriah Heep/Look at yourself/1971/USA/ex/nm/42

Uriah Heep/Look at yourself/1976/Germany/ex/nm/32

Uriah Heep/Demons and Wizards/1972/USA/ex+/ex+/40

Uriah Heep/Demons and Wizards/1972/Germany/86185 XOT/ex+/ex+/25

Uriah Heep/Demons and Wizards/1977/Germany/28768 XOT/nm/nm/32

Uriah Heep/Wonderworld/1974/USA/ex/ex+/37

Uriah Heep/Wonderworld/1977/28779 ET/Germany/ex/nm/27

Uriah Heep/Salisbury/Germany/88184 XAT/ex/ex//17

Uriah Heep/Salisbury/Germany/28764ET/vg/nm/20

Uriah Heep/Salisbury/Germany/28764ET/ex/nm/23

Uriah Heep/Salisbury/Germany/6360028 D/SWIRL/ex/ex/35

Uriah Heep/Innocent Victim/1977/Germany/ex/nm/23

Uriah Heep/Innocent Victim/1977/BRON 504/ex+/nm/25

Uriah Heep/Sweet Freedom/1973/Germany/ex+/nm/28 ..

Uriah Heep/Live/2 LP/1973/Spain/ex/nm/28

Uriah Heep/Live/2 LP/1973/Germany/Island pink rim labels/nm/nm/30

Uriah Heep/Live/2 LP/1973/UK/ex+/ex+/30   ***

Uriah Heep/Return to fantasy/1975/USA/vg+/nm/24

Uriah Heep/Return to fantasy/1975/Germany/ex+/ex+/23

Uriah Heep/High and Mighty/1976/UK/vg+/ex/23

Uriah Heep/High and Mighty/1976/USA/ex/nm/28

Uriah Heep/Firefly/1977/Germany/nm/nm/28

Uriah Heep/Fallen angel/1978/Germany/nm/nm/28...

Uriah Heep/Abominog/UK/ex+/nm/28

Uriah Heep/The Best Of.../1976/Israel/ex/nm/20

Uriah Heep/Raging Silence/1989/Germany/nm/nm/40

Uriah Heep/Living the Dream/2018/EU/mint/40

U 2 /Rattle and Hum/2 LP/1988/Scandinavia/nm/nm/18

UFO/Lights out/1977/Germany/nm/nm/17REZERVUOTA


UFO/No place to run/1980/UK/vg+/ex+/8

UFO/Strangers in the night/2LP/1979/USA/nm/nm/nm/20

Vanilla Fudge/The beat goes on/1968/USA/ex+/ex+/44

Vanilla Fudge/Vanilla Fudge/USA/ex+/ex+/44

Paul McCartney/All the best/2LP/1987/UK/ex+/nm/nm/16

Queen/Sheer heart attack/1974/Germany/vg+/nm/25

Queen/News of the world/1977/Germany/ex/nm/25


Queen/The game/1980/Germany/ex/nm/25

Queen/Hot Space/1981/Holland/nm/nm/25

Queen/A kind of magic/1986/EU/nm/nm/30

Queen/The Miracle/1989/EU/ex+/ex+/20


Led Zeppelin/Presence/1976/Germany/nm/nm/30

Led Zeppelin/III/ISRAEL/orange vinyl/ex/ex/20

Van Halen/Women and Children First/1980/Holland/ex/ex/10

Van Halen/Fair Warning/1981/Germany/nm/nm/17

Van Halen/For unlaawful carnal knowledge/1991/Germany/nm/nm/40

Whitesnake/Come an' get it/1981/Germany/ex/nm/15

Wings/Band on the run/1973/Germany/ex/ex/10

Wings/At the speed of sound/1976/UK/ex/vg+/4

Wings/London town/1978/Germany/mint/mint/17

Wings/London town/1978/Germany/ex/ex+/13

Wings/Venus and Mars/1975/UK/poster/nm/mint/24


Viva LP

Pranešimą redagavo: septimas - Antradienis, 2020-09-22, 19:27:29
NedOnData: Ketvirtadienis, 2014-07-10, 12:50:54 | Pranešimas # 2
45 rpm
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 77
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Rezervuoju iki stovio išsiaiškinimo
KankliusData: Pirmadienis, 2014-07-14, 16:59:28 | Pranešimas # 3
16 rpm
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 17
Miestas: Klaipėda
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Kokia Pink Floyd kaina?
septimasData: Pirmadienis, 2014-07-14, 21:09:11 | Pranešimas # 4
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Viva LP
septimasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2014-07-17, 20:03:26 | Pranešimas # 5
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Viva LP
FrancasData: Pirmadienis, 2015-01-26, 21:06:11 | Pranešimas # 6
Plokštelių larioko vedėjas
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 2161
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Jefferson Airplane/The Best/1980/UK/vg+/ex/8

Fela Ransome Kuti/Lady Shakara/1975/France/vg+/vg+/15

Žmogus be svajonės - kaip paukštis be sparnų - šikti gali, o skraidyti ne.
septimasData: Antradienis, 2015-01-27, 18:15:10 | Pranešimas # 7
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez,Francui 2 vinilai

Viva LP

Pranešimą redagavo: septimas - Antradienis, 2015-01-27, 18:15:35
FrancasData: Trečiadienis, 2015-01-28, 22:24:03 | Pranešimas # 8
Plokštelių larioko vedėjas
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 2161
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Hot Chocolate/Mystery/1982/Holland/vg+/nm/3

Hot Chocolate/Every 1's a winner/1978/Germany/inner/vg/nm/3

Timi Yuro/Hurt/1961/Re1980/Holland/ex/nm/3

Edith Piaf/Hommage a Edith Piaf/2 LP/Germany/vg+/ex+/8

Bob Marley/Memorial Album/2 LP/Germany/310-07-001/bellaphon/vg+/ex/13

Žmogus be svajonės - kaip paukštis be sparnų - šikti gali, o skraidyti ne.
septimasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2015-01-29, 07:16:10 | Pranešimas # 9
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
dar 5 vinilai rez Francui

Viva LP
septimasData: Pirmadienis, 2015-02-02, 17:08:07 | Pranešimas # 10
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Ten Years After rez.Taurui

Viva LP
FrancasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2015-02-05, 17:57:41 | Pranešimas # 11
Plokštelių larioko vedėjas
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 2161
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
wink Rezervuoju
Giorgio Moroder/From here to eternity/1977/Germany/vg+vg+/6

Žmogus be svajonės - kaip paukštis be sparnų - šikti gali, o skraidyti ne.
septimasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2015-02-05, 18:29:16 | Pranešimas # 12
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.Francui Giorgio

Viva LP
septimasData: Penktadienis, 2015-02-06, 15:49:56 | Pranešimas # 13
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Viva LP
AndrisData: Antradienis, 2015-02-10, 12:26:28 | Pranešimas # 14
16 rpm
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 2
Miestas: Šiauliai
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Paimčiau  jei dar yra  Electric Light Orchestra/Discovery/1979/Holland/inner/ex/nm/8
septimasData: Antradienis, 2015-02-10, 12:40:11 | Pranešimas # 15
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Viva LP
KankkuroData: Antradienis, 2015-02-10, 16:36:12 | Pranešimas # 16
16 rpm
Grupė: Vartotojai
Pranešimų: 2
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Paimčiau Vytautas Kernagis/Akustinis//C60-10889-90/vg+/vg+/8

Pranešimą redagavo: Kankkuro - Antradienis, 2015-02-10, 16:38:00
septimasData: Antradienis, 2015-02-10, 17:31:59 | Pranešimas # 17
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
gerai,rez.Kankkuro  Vytautas Kernagis/akustinis/8

Viva LP
WranglerData: Ketvirtadienis, 2015-02-12, 14:50:02 | Pranešimas # 18
16 rpm
Grupė: Vartotojai
Pranešimų: 7
Miestas: Užmiestis
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rezervuoju:Rod Stewart/Gasoline Alley/6336546/Germany/nm/nm/10

septimasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2015-02-12, 19:11:50 | Pranešimas # 19
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.Wrangler  ROD STEWART/Gasoline Alley/

Viva LP
KankkuroData: Penktadienis, 2015-02-13, 10:46:15 | Pranešimas # 20
16 rpm
Grupė: Vartotojai
Pranešimų: 2
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Kernagio Akustinio rezervas atsaukiamas.
septimasData: Sekmadienis, 2015-02-15, 14:48:10 | Pranešimas # 21
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
12 albums rez.Edvardui

Viva LP
septimasData: Pirmadienis, 2015-02-16, 15:23:15 | Pranešimas # 22
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.3 vinilai Ronny's Pop Show

Viva LP
MuzikasData: Trečiadienis, 2015-02-18, 18:05:56 | Pranešimas # 23
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 1721
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Rez. iki sutarimo:

Quincy Jones/Back on the Block/1989/Germany/inner/ex/nm/3

daugiau įrašų rasite čia -
septimasData: Sekmadienis, 2015-02-22, 18:19:00 | Pranešimas # 24
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.2 vinilai Los Reales del Paraguay

Viva LP
septimasData: Pirmadienis, 2015-02-23, 17:51:52 | Pranešimas # 25
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.2 Cat Stevens vinilai

Viva LP
WranglerData: Antradienis, 2015-02-24, 08:19:12 | Pranešimas # 26
16 rpm
Grupė: Vartotojai
Pranešimų: 7
Miestas: Užmiestis
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Dar:Rod Stewart/A Night on the Town/1976/Spain/nm/ex/9 
Eagles/The Long Run/1979/Spain/inner/nm/nm/11

GlottisLTData: Antradienis, 2015-02-24, 08:40:03 | Pranešimas # 27
16 rpm
Grupė: Vartotojai
Pranešimų: 1
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Kabaretas'Tarp girnų'/nm/vg/2
Dainuoja Stasys Povilaitis/su autografu/ex/ex/8 
Vytautas Kernagis/Akustinis//C60-10889-90/vg+/vg+/5 
ABBA/The very best of ABBA/2 LP/DA 2612032/Germany/ex/nm/12 
24 Golden Trumpet Hits/2 LP/Germany/6612025 D/ex/ex/5 
Smokie/Greatest Hits/Germany/ex/ex/7 
The Other Ray Charles/Memories of a middle-aged movie fan/1968/USA/nm/nm/11
septimasData: Antradienis, 2015-02-24, 16:59:52 | Pranešimas # 28
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.2 vinilai Wrangler

Viva LP
septimasData: Sekmadienis, 2015-03-01, 19:16:54 | Pranešimas # 29
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.Magic Reggae,Spandau Ballet,Aphex Twin

Viva LP
septimasData: Šeštadienis, 2015-04-11, 07:40:33 | Pranešimas # 30
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.Commodores/Greatest Hits/

Viva LP
septimasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2015-04-16, 19:28:54 | Pranešimas # 31
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.Dainiui Men at Work,Woman in Love-5 ir rinkinyys XXXXVII

Viva LP
septimasData: Pirmadienis, 2015-04-20, 14:55:52 | Pranešimas # 32
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
rez.Alice Cooper/Billion Dollar Babies/

Viva LP
ziggyData: Antradienis, 2015-05-12, 17:32:15 | Pranešimas # 33
33 rpm
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 24
Miestas: Raseiniai
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Michael Jackson/Thriller/Bulgaria/nm/nm/3
ABBA/Mamma Mia/Melodia/nm/nm/3
Irek Dudek/No 1/Poland/ex/nm/2
Beatles/A taste of honey/Melodia/nm/nm/3
Beatles/A hard days night/Melodia/nm/nm/3
ABBA /Voulez-Vous/Melodia/nm/nm/3
Bon Jovi/New Jersey/Melodia/nm/nm/3
richardasData: Antradienis, 2015-06-23, 23:38:48 | Pranešimas # 34
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 430
Miestas: Klaipėda
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
klaidingas sarašiukas  wow gerai būtu kad melodijas atskirtum kaip tai  wink
viena lp nusižiurėjau smile

Parduodu, keičiu plokšteles Klaipėdos sename turguje
tik sekmadieniais ten veiksmas vyksta nuo 10.00 iki 15.00

Pranešimą redagavo: richardas - Trečiadienis, 2015-06-24, 14:16:25
audiofilasData: Penktadienis, 2015-10-16, 07:33:56 | Pranešimas # 35
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 399
Miestas: Kaunas
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Black Sabbath/Reflection/Germany/vg/vg/3
audiofilasData: Penktadienis, 2015-10-16, 07:35:56 | Pranešimas # 36
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 399
Miestas: Kaunas
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Black Sabbath/Never Say Die/USA/vg/vg+/8
Black Sabbath/Technical Extasy/g/g/3

Pranešimą redagavo: audiofilas - Penktadienis, 2015-10-16, 07:51:05
septimasData: Sekmadienis, 2015-10-18, 19:38:35 | Pranešimas # 37
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Rez.3 Black Sabbath

Viva LP
LinasData: Penktadienis, 2016-01-15, 10:18:13 | Pranešimas # 38
16 rpm
Grupė: Vartotojai
Pranešimų: 17
Miestas: Šiauliai
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Domintų šios LP, jeigu dar neparduotos.

Cliff Richard/I'm no Hero/1980/Germany/ex/ex/7
Cliff Richards/Rock'n'Roll Juvenile/1979/Germany/inner/ex/ex/7

Geriausia daina dar neparašyta.
septimasData: Šeštadienis, 2017-02-04, 22:42:43 | Pranešimas # 39
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Siunciu nemokamai

Viva LP
septimasData: Sekmadienis, 2017-02-05, 11:18:42 | Pranešimas # 40
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Viva LP
septimasData: Šeštadienis, 2017-02-11, 10:21:10 | Pranešimas # 41
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
5 rezerv R.Arturui

Viva LP
septimasData: Sekmadienis, 2017-02-12, 12:50:08 | Pranešimas # 42
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Pridedu Siouxsie

Viva LP
TomazasPData: Ketvirtadienis, 2017-02-23, 20:38:48 | Pranešimas # 43
45 rpm
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 41
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Rezervuoju SEPULTURA/Under Siege/Regnum Irae/1991/Holland/ex/ex/8

septimasData: Antradienis, 2017-12-19, 19:25:46 | Pranešimas # 44
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Slade rezervuota

Viva LP
dainorasData: Pirmadienis, 2018-03-05, 16:04:16 | Pranešimas # 45
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 764
Miestas: vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Sparks/No.1 in heaven/1979/Germany/vg+/vg+/9

septimasData: Antradienis, 2018-03-20, 20:26:24 | Pranešimas # 46
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Rezervuota Bad Company Straight Shooter ir Run with the Pack

Viva LP
septimasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2018-03-22, 19:18:37 | Pranešimas # 47
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Rez Van Halen 1991

Viva LP
FrancasData: Ketvirtadienis, 2018-04-12, 22:17:36 | Pranešimas # 48
Plokštelių larioko vedėjas
Grupė: Draugai
Pranešimų: 2161
Miestas: Vilnius
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Alan Parsons Project/I Robot/1977/Italy/ex/ex/8
Depeche Mode/Black Celebratio/1986/Germany/14 - kokia bukle?
The Tornados/Remembering.../UK/nm/nm/6

Žmogus be svajonės - kaip paukštis be sparnų - šikti gali, o skraidyti ne.
FranasData: Penktadienis, 2018-05-04, 17:01:19 | Pranešimas # 49
12 inch
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 162
Miestas: Pakruojis
Būklė: Neprisijungęs
Gal Jūsų sąraše esantis vinilas: Nazareth/Hair of the dog/UK/nm/nm/28 yra išleistas 1975 Mooncrest ‎– CREST 27, o matricos nr.CREST 27 A-2U  bei CREST 27 B-1U.?
septimasData: Penktadienis, 2018-05-04, 19:48:08 | Pranešimas # 50
Grupė: Patikimi
Pranešimų: 779
Miestas: Panevėžys
Būklė: Neprisijungęs

Viva LP
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